First Firkin Fridays

First Firkin Fridays

We’re happy to announce that we’re starting a monthly cask ale tapping at our brewery on the first Friday of each month, beginning at 5 pm.

Our brewers and taproom staff will be collaborating to dream up and release these casks each month.

Casks will be limited, so come early if you want a taste!

For those uninitiated, a firkin is a unit of measurement, which is also used to describe a size of vessel where beer is stored for secondary fermentation or conditioning. These beers are often referred to as Real Ales. Firkins have also become a popular way for brewers to add unique ingredients to existing beers. The beer is traditionally served at a warmer temperature and is tapped directly from the cask without added carbonation. This old world method of serving beer continues to find new audiences and popularity in the 21st century.


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