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Scott and I were travelling last week on insurance business but decided to add some brewery business as well.  We had the opportunity to tour Capital Brewery as well as New Glarus Brewing both in Wisconsin.  Capital is in Middleton, just outside of Madison.  They have a good size operation and a wonderful outdoor beer garden where they host live music weekly in the summer.  It was a very lively place and the beer was good too.  My favorite was the Munich Dark.  I also liked the fact that it was very family friendly, they supported their local restaurants by allowing you to order in and all the staff were very accommodating.  Now, if only we had a space for an outdoor beer garden….

New Glarus was great for different reasons.  Larger than Capital, it has a self guided audio tour like you see at some museums.  This was a great way to get a lot of information about their history and processes.  I enjoyed learning about all the different types of yeast they use in their beers.  Of course we did a little tasting after the tour and stocked up since they don’t sell outside of Wisconsin.  I had a nice preview of their Spotted Cow at our hotel. 

Speaking of hotels, nice to see two different craft breweries represented at a Marriott chain hotel.  Scott was especially fond of the Hopalicious from Ale Asylum.  We unfortunately didn’t have time to visit this brewery but hope to be back to Madison soon.

As for our progress at the brewery, we have started the brewer search!  It feels a little like trying to find a spouse since whoever we choose will be very intimately involved in our little venture…this could be the most important decision we make.   Also should have construction estimates back this week so we can finish up business plan financial documents.

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    Sean Clark

    I love New Glarus!! Spotted Cow is by far my favorite beer ever. Very good brewery to get ideas from. Excited to see White Breast Brewing become Iowa’s version of New Glarus.

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