Big tanks, big silo, big step forward

The brew house and cellaring equipment is the single largest purchase we will make and so Joe spent his first two weeks with us pouring over quotes and specifications.  We settled on JV North West as our supplier and Phil Loen came to help us lay out the equipment.  Phil knows breweries like the back of his hand and spent an entire day with us walking through our facility, measuring walls and beam heights.  The way we had the brewery laid out was fine, until we started talking about the silo for our grain inputs.

The first idea was to put the silo on the front corner roof as kind of a functional billboard, but the weight and fear of a big windstorm made us nervous (remember, we come from insurance backgrounds!)  Then we were going to put it inside and came up with a custom built square silo to fit our height, but it took up a lot of room.  Finally, we settled on a space in the back alley, behind the garage next door.  This precipitated a change in our brewery/tap room layout.  So now, instead of being able to see the brew tanks from the street, there will be a long window in the back of the taproom.  Solves our problem of what we were going to do with the back bar!

Revised Layout
Revised Layout

Phil and his team are working on the final drawings of the brew house and getting a specification manual together.  We should have all the tanks in late November.  In the meantime our little 10 gallon brew system should be in soon and we will start brewing some test batches to serve in the tap room while we wait for the big tanks and bottling equipment to come and get set up.  We also ordered our keg washer/filler on Friday.  Joe is now finalizing the bottle filler and labler equipment.  More to come soon on construction progress!

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    Scott Evans

    Congratulations Scott and Megan, on your successful startup! I see that you’ve switched names to Peace Tree Brewing and wanted you to know that I have several pictures of the Peace Tree in Red Rock. I was out last night and actually got some great photos of what it looks like now. Someone a couple years ago chainsaw carved it to look like an Indian chief in profile. If you’d like a copy let me know. Good luck in the construction. I look forward to your production.

    I know the craft industry stays close to bottles but the beer can collectors of the world would look forward to new additions. When I was last in Europe in ’77 there were no cans on the continent, only in the UK. We enjoyed the Guinness in Ireland in May, so if you want to make nitrogen based brew we’d be happy!

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