And the brewer is….

After reviewing many applications, interviewing several qualified candidates and on site visits with the top three, we have found a brewer that fits our bill.  Joe Kesteloot will be joining White Breast Brewing Company on July 13 as our head brewer.  Joe has been the Assistant Brewmaster at Cold Spring Brewery for the past several years and is a graduate of the American Brewer’s Guild.  He also brings a great experimental home brewing background and is excited to work up some new beer recipes.  At first it will be more like an office job than a brewing job but we hope to make that transition quickly!

Of course the hiring process is always bittersweet because you can only choose one.  We wish the other applicants well in there search and, who knows, maybe as we expand we can talk again. (ugh, if only we could hire two at once!)

This week it is a scramble to get some loose ends tied up, like making sure we know how to use Quickbooks effectively, getting loan documents signed (yikes), opened up a checking account, gathering all the employment forms, etc.  Not super exciting stuff but its all moving us in the right direction.  Building progress is slowed until we get some more decisions made on our brewery set up.

On Tuesday night I have been invited to speak at the Optmists club about the brewery and on July 15, Scott presents to Rotary.  We did the same at Kiwanis a couple of weeks ago to an excited group with lots of great questions.  Looking forward to Joe getting started with us!


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    Jim Ziller

    As one of your loyal blog readers, it would be great to hear from Joe on here too along with you and Scott. I am excited to just follow the continuing story of getting this baby off the ground.

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    Larry Chase

    Congratulations Megan, Scott, Dan, and now Joe on the next step of your adventure. I’ve known Joe for quite a few years through the Master Brewers Association. He has some well rounded experience to get White Breast off to a good start.


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