Spontaneous Beer

Spontaneous Beer

Our Head Brewer, Joe Kesteloot, has done a lot of cool beers over the last 8 years here at Peace Tree but this one might be the coolest yet.

Back in September, he teamed up with Mother Nature and Blue Gate Farm to create some brewing magic. He took wort out to Blue Gate to sit for a day to pick up alcohol-tolerant yeast in the air from the nearby fruit trees. Blue Gate was the perfect place for this beer because they are a chemical-free farm therefore keeping the beer safe for consumption. There was a single digit percentage that this would work but, great news, fermentation started happening and we were ecstatic!

This technique of spontaneous fermentation, was used for traditional sour beers hundreds of years ago and is still currently used in Belgium. Our spontaneous beer has been aging in oak barrels for the last few months and we are ready to have you all try it just in time to celebrate our 8th Anniversary Week.

Spontaneous Beer will be on tap in Des Moines & Grinnell starting at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 20. Joe and farmer Jill from Blue Gate will be at Des Moines Branch starting at 5pm to chat and answer any questions you may have. Sorry Knoxville patrons, we love you but because we bottle in Knoxville, we can’t risk any of the bacteria’s mixing and changing the flavors of our other beer.

»ABV: 5.5%
»Flavor: Combination of wine and cider with slight tart finish. Brewed with pale malted barley and unmalted wheat. Very low bitterness.
»Draft ONLY, very limited amount available!
»$10 per 11 oz pour or $5 per 5 oz sample

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